West Virginia State Veteran Benefits


We endeavor to keep this information current, but it is subject to change without notice.


State War Orphans Education Assistance

West Virginia offers free college tuition for children whose military parent died during a wartime period under certain circumstances. Death may have occurred on active duty or stemming from a disability or injury that occurred while serving in wartime duty. This education assistance applies to children between the ages of 16 and 23 years old.

Veterans Re-Education Act Fund

Should a Veteran exhaust federal GI Bill benefits, he or she may be able to receive state funds for tuition assistance. If eligible, the veteran can use the state funds to pay for tests associated with professional licensure or certification, or other training materials as well.

Medal of Honor & Purple Heart Tuition Waivers

West Virginia resident Medal of Honor or Purple Heart recipients can go to any institution of higher learning in the state for free. All state colleges must waive mandatory fee charges and tuition for these heroes.

Instate Tuition Rates

Non-resident military veterans using the GI Bill can attend a West Virginia public college or university at the resident rate provided they enroll within three years of their discharge.


The state allows all wartime veterans with honorable discharges to claim 5 veteran preference points when seeking public employment. They get the points added to their final score on any state employment test. Purple Heart recipients or veterans with a rated VA disability get an additional five points for a total of 10 points.

West Virginia Veterans Preference for State Jobs

All wartime veterans with an honorable discharge get five points added to their final score on the state employment test.

Those with a Purple Heart or VA disability get an additional five points.


Income Tax

West Virginia does not tax military retirement pay. Nor do they tax its residents’ military pay of any kind if it earned out-of-state.

Disabled Veterans Homestead Exemption

Veterans with service-connected disability rating of 100% permanent and total could be exempt from certain property taxes. Check with the County Assessor’s Office for qualifications and which property taxes are involved.

Veterans Bonus

U.S. Afghanistan War Veterans are eligible to receive a cash bonus from the state. The State offers a one-time bonus of $600 if the Veteran served in a combat zone and $400 if the Afghanistan War Veteran service the combat zone.


Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Certain West Virginia veterans do not need hunting or fishing licenses. Veterans with 100% service-connected disabilities or those who have received a VA automobile grant qualify to hunt and fish without having licenses.

In the same way, West Virginia active duty military residents don’t need hunting and fishing licenses in order to recreate when home on leave.

West Virginia State Parks

The state requires no residency for this year-around benefit: Both veterans and active duty military enjoy a 10% discount on all rentals of cabins, standard lodge rooms or campsites operated by State Parks system. They may offer additional, seasonal discounts to veterans as well.


West Virginia runs a veterans’ home in Barboursville, and a nursing facility in Clarksburg. The nursing facility has 120 beds available and even a 20-bed unit set aside for those under specialized care for dementia of all types. 

The retirement home in Barboursville is a 150-bed facility. Veteran eligibility criteria for the Barboursville facility includes:

  • Having an honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions
  • Being ambulatory and independent in personal care and daily living
  • Not requiring skilled nursing care or hospitalization
  • If enlisted before September 7, 1980, must have served on active duty or active service in a reserve component for least 12 consecutive months, unless medically discharged earlier due to a service-connected injury
  • If enlisted after September 7, 1980, service requirement is a minimum of 24 consecutive months or the full period service. Again, a medical discharge for a service-connected injury would set aside this requirement
  • Income must not exceed federal VA guidelines and Veteran must be eligible for under Federal guidelines for care


The Mountain State operates the Donel C. Kinnard Memorial State Veterans Cemetery in Dunbar. Internment follows national cemetery eligibility rules. Spouses and dependent children incur a small fee to be buried there but the service is free for Veterans.



You can find more information regarding these benefits and other programs at the West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance website.