Utah State Veteran Benefits


We endeavor to keep this information current, but it is subject to change without notice.


Tuition Waiver for Purple Heart Recipients

All Utah Purple Heart recipients may attend any state college or university or vocational training program with their tuition waived. Benefit applies to the Veteran’s pursuit of a Masters’ Degree as well. 

Scott B Lundell Tuition Waiver

Some military members’ surviving dependents can receive a tuition waiver at Utah’s institutions of higher learning. The qualifying veteran must have died in the line of duty on or after September 11, 2001. 

Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship

Dependent children of military members who were killed in action may be eligible for this national scholarship. 

Veterans Tuition Gap Program

Veterans who use exhaust their Post-9/11 GI Bill in pursuit of a degree may be able to have their degree program’s final year of tuition waived by the state if the Veteran is attending a state college or university. Tuition only can be waived; program policy does not cover associated costs of books, supplies, living expenses, etc.


Veteran Employment Opportunity Program (VEOP)

This program allows for veterans to hire into certain career-service positions with an on-the-job examination period of 6 months in lieu of the competitive hiring process. Hiring officials may choose to interview and hire a qualified veteran who has opted into this program separately from other candidates.

Alternative State Application Program

Similar to the VEOP program, this program also allows for hires with a 6-month on-the-job examination period in lieu of the regular competitive examination. However, this program is specifically for disabled veterans if they choose to opt in. Final hiring process concludes at the end of the OJT when the candidate’s qualifications and the hiring manager’s specific needs are a good match.

Veterans Job Preference

Veterans applying for public service jobs with the state, county or municipality can receive five preference points to increase their employment test scores. Disabled veterans receive ten extra points. Plus, Utah backs up its Veteran preference program by declaring it a misdemeanor for one of its officers, agents or representatives to willfully deny a Veteran’s hiring preference.

Applicants must qualify under these criteria:

  • 180 active duty days in a row and separated with an honorable discharge
  • Performed when and where a campaign or expeditionary medal has been authorized and received an honorable discharge
  • Have a service-connected disability of any amount
  • Be a Purple Heart recipient
  • The spouse of a permanent and totally disabled veteran who is unable to work or the unmarried widow or widower of a veteran
  • Be a retired veteran

CDL Driving Skills Test Waiver

Utah does not require Veterans to take the driving skills tests for a CDL if they meet the minimum requirements for licensing, were separated within the last 90 days with an honorable discharge, and have commercial vehicle driving experience within the past two years.

Military and Spouse Employment Licensing

Utah passed a law in 2018 that says transitioning military and their spouses can be exempt from getting an occupational or professional license in Utah to work in 80 different industries, provided the person holds a valid license in another state. The notable exception is the insurance industry. Other than that, this bill could make employment transition much easier for newly assigned families or recently separated Veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce.


Property Tax Abatement

Disabled veterans with at least a 10% VA disability rating qualify for a reduction in their property tax. The state uses the Veteran’s VA rating as a multiplier to determine the reduction in appraised value for tax purposes. The maximum reduction or percentage cap changes every year. Currently, it is $266,670.  So, a Veteran with a 10% disability rating would multiply 266,670 by 10% for a $26,677 tax abatement. He or she would then reduce the taxable value of his or her property by $26,677 and pay taxes on the remainder. Disabled Veterans only have to apply one time for the tax abatement to automatically renew each year. 

Purple Heart Fee Exemption

Purple Heart recipients receive many exemptions on state fees. They do not pay motor vehicle license and registration, drivers education fee or license plate fees. They also do not pay for uninsured motorist identification or the transportation corridor preservation fees. The only fees Purple Heart recipients pay are the vehicle age fee and property tax, but property tax may be abated.


Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Resident disabled Veterans with a VA-rated disability of 20% or higher can get a hunting, a fishing or a combo license at a discount. 

State Park Admission

The Beehive State has instituted a Veterans With Disabilities Honors Pass program that allows resident veterans with honorable discharges and a VA disability rating of at least 50 percent to access all state parks except Gunlock, Piute and This Is the Place Heritage Park. (The Honor Pass does not cover camping fees, green fees or special program fees.) The pass is good only when in the possession of the qualified disabled Veteran; however, it provides free admission for the disabled Veteran and up to 7 guests in the same private vehicle. 


Utah has four veterans’ homes in Ivins, Ogden, Payson, and Salt Lake City to provide nursing and long-term care services to all Veterans.  Service during a time of war is not a requirement for admission but even serving 1 day in wartime does give the Veteran preference in the admissions process. Veterans must be honorably discharged and surviving spouses must be married to the qualifying Veteran for at least one year to be eligible


The state’s only veterans’ cemetery can be found in Bluffdale, near Camp Williams.There is no fee to bury a veteran and a fee of $780 to inter a qualifying veteran’s dependents. Check the VA’s National Cemetery system for eligibility guidelines.


You can find more information regarding these benefits and other programs at the Utah Veterans and Military Affairs website.