Florida State Veteran Benefits


We endeavor to keep this information current, but it is subject to change without notice.


Tuition Waivers

Florida Purple Heart recipients along with those having received the Medal of Honor or Distinguish Service Crosses can have their under-graduate tuition waived a Florida state universities, college and state career and training facilities.

Education for Dependents

Spouses and children of qualifying Florida Veterans may receive a 4-year higher education from the State of Florida. Qualifying Veterans must be 100% permanent and totally disabled from a service-connected disability or must have died from their service-connected disability. In addition, these educational benefits extend to children of Armed Forces member are declared MIA or POWs.  Additional information on Florida’s educational benefits for dependent children and spouses is available through the state VA website.


According to Florida State Stature 295, government at levels within the state are to give Veterans and Disabled Veterans preference in the hiring process as well as in promotion and retention. Eligible Veterans are Florida residents who:

  • Have a service-connected disability or is eligible for one, OR
  • Is receiving disability retirement or a pension under the VA or DoD
  • Was discharged under honorable conditions and service on active duty for at least one day during a wartime period, excluding training purposes
  • Service in a qualifying campaign for which a campaign badge or expedition medal was granted
  • Be the spouse of a Veteran who is 100% disabled and therefore not able to work
  • Be the spouse of a Veteran missing in action, captured or interned in the line of duty by a foreign power, OR
  • Be the unmarried widow or widower of a Veteran who died of a service-connected disability


Basic Property Tax Exemptions

Veterans who are Florida residents and have at least a 10% VA disability rating can receive a $5000 reduction off their home’s assessed taxable value. 

An un-remarried widower or widow of a qualifying Veteran may also qualify for this tax exemption if married for at least 5 years before the Veteran passed.

Homestead Exemption

Some Florida resident veterans may be totally exempt from paying property taxes on their legal homestead. Eligibility criteria includes:

  • Veteran having honorable discharge, AND
  • Be rated as 100% permanently and totally disabled, OR
  • Be a quadriplegic veteran
  • Surviving spouses may eligible if they do not remarry

Other Florida resident veterans may be exempt from real estate taxes on their property depending on their income level. A qualifying Veteran must be:

  • Paraplegic or hemiplegic
  • 100% permanently and totally disabled
  • Employ the use of a wheelchair to get around, OR
  • Be Legally blind


State Parks

All honorably discharged Florida veterans can get 25% off annual pass to all parks in the State system. A lifetime pass is available to Florida Veterans at no charge if they have a service-connected disability. Their spouses and or surviving spouses also qualify.

County and Municipal Parks

In addition to reduced admission to State parks, Florida’s County and municipal parks provide admission at reduced rates or no charge to current military members, honorably discharged or disabled veterans and their spouses. Each park has information pertaining to their admission guidelines.

Hunting and Fishing License

A traditional $100 Gold Sportsman’s license from the State of Florida includes both saltwater and freshwater fishing, as well as all hunting permits for Deer, Wildlife Management Areas, Turkey, Waterfowl, Snook and Lobster, Archery, Muzzle-loading and Crossbow. However, active-duty and retired military Florida residents don’t pay $100. They can get a Military Gold Sportsman’s License for just $20.

Florida makes their five-year hunting and fishing license available at no charge to 100% permanently and totally disabled service-connected veterans. 


Florida State Veterans Home

Florida bases eligibility for its state-run Robert Jenkins, Jr. Assisted Living/Domiciliary Home on the Veteran’s status of residency and their status of military discharge.  All applicants must be residents of Florida for at least one year before admission and the Veteran must have an honorable discharge. Once admitted, the Veteran has access to housing, incidental medical care and support services, all based on their income or ability to pay.

Veterans Nursing Homes of Florida

Florida also has six nursing homes and one assisted living facility for Veterans. The same basic admission rules apply for their nursing homes and assisted living facility as apply for their Veteran homes. All applicants must be residents of Florida for at least one year before admission and the Veteran must have an honorable discharge. In addition, the Veteran must provide proof by a VA physician that they need skilled nursing home care. 


You can find more information regarding these benefits and other programs at the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs website