Alabama State Veteran Benefits


We endeavor to keep this information current, but it is subject to change without notice.


Tuition Waiver – Purple Heart Medal Recipients

Those who receive the oldest military award still given in recognition to U.S. military – The Purple Heart – may receive a free education at Alabama’s public colleges. Higher learning institutions, including two-year and four-year technical colleges, junior and community colleges may offer an education for free, but you’ll want to confirm their participation in the program.

GI Dependents Scholarship Program

The state of Alabama’ GI Dependents Scholarship program has several components to it, provided certain requirements are met. In addition to residency, the veteran must have had an honorable discharge and had at least 90 days continuous military service.

  • They suspend costs up to $250 per semester hour and $1,000 for books each semester at any Alabama public college or university, including two-year and four-year technical colleges, junior and community colleges
  • Dependent students under 26 years old who have a parent who is or was an Alabama resident with at least a 40% VA disability may qualify for benefits under the Alabama GI Dependents Scholarship Program for up to five years of benefits
  • Note: This program was recently changed.  Previous eligibility rules still apply in some cases. For example, a student may be eligible if the parent has a 20% VA disability rating or more provided the rating was issued prior to July 31, 2017
  • Spouses and surviving spouses (as long as they remain unmarried) of veterans who are considered by the VA to be 100% permanently and totally disabled can receive five years of benefits. Spouses and surviving spouses (who remain unmarried) of veterans rated by the VA to be 40 to 90% disabled can receive three years of benefits


State Employment

  • Veterans receive preference over non-veterans with the same ratings on the classified service employment lists
  • Alabama awards Veterans with honorable discharges 5 extra points to any state employment examination scores. They award 10 extra points to state employment examination scores for Veterans with VA service-connected disabilities
  • In addition, the State of Alabama can extend the award of 10 extra points to the examination scores of certain disabled or deceased veterans’ spouses and surviving spouses


Property Tax Exemptions for Homes

All Alabama residents are exempt from ad valorem taxes on their homes along with  160 acres adjacent land, if they have been rated by the VA as 100% permanently and totally disabled or if they are 65 years or older with net annual income of $12,000.00 or less.

Property Tax Exemption for VA Specially Adapted Houses

Homes acquired under the VA’s specially adapted housing grant enjoy a property tax exemption from Alabama provided the Veteran and/or the surviving spouse owns and lives in the home.  

Income Tax

Alabama exempts all military retirement pay from all state, county or municipal income taxes.

Motor Vehicle license fees or ad valorem taxes

Any disabled veteran who purchases a motor vehicle with a VA grant does not pay license fees or ad valorem taxes on it.


Discounted Fishing License

Veterans who are residents of Alabama and have at least a 20% VA disability rating receive a discount when buying a freshwater fishing license.

Disabled Veteran Special Hunting License

  • Veterans with 100% service-connected disabilities can get a special hunting license for $2, plus the issuance fee
  • Veterans with 50% service-connected disabilities can get a special hunting license for half the usual cost. plus issuance fee

Retired Military Pistol Permit

All individuals who meet other eligibility criteria may receive a pistol permit at no charge if they are retired from active duty, the Reserves, or the National Guard.


To qualify for one of four Alabama Veteran Homes, Veterans must have had an honorable discharge and experienced at least one day of duty during a wartime service period.

There are monthly charges to reside at any one of the Veteran Homes:

  • Alexander City: The Bill Nichols State Veterans Home
  • Bay Minette: The William F. Green State Veterans Home
  • Huntsville: The Floyd E “Tut” Fann State Veterans Home
  • Pell City: The Colonel Robert L. Howard State Veterans Home


Interment in the State Veterans Cemetery at Spanish Fort follows eligibility requirements established by the National Cemetery Administration.

  • Residency requirements exist
  • Eligibility extends to Veterans who are discharged under all conditions except Dishonorable, and to their spouses and dependent children
  • No cost for Veterans. Spouses and dependent children incur a fee on the day of internment
  • Spouses remain eligible for internment in Veterans cemetery even if they remarry


You can find more information regarding these benefits and other programs at the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs website