One of the biggest roadblocks to getting all the VA benefits you deserve…is not knowing what you may qualify for. Strategic Veteran is here to help.



The red tape of filing for Veteran benefits can be challenging to navigate. We meet Veterans every day who feeling this pain right now. They learned to cut the red tape on their own. It cost them years of frustration and disappointment, which is why we want to help Veterans avoid that experience.

Take a moment to remember your eagerness to serve. Your desire to protect. Your sense of patriotism. Your promise of care from the military. Those feelings are still there. Those feelings never go away.

It is important to us that Veterans get the best information possible.

Veterans should know what options are available.

Veterans should know what steps to take.

Veterans should know details that may not be easy to find.

We want every Veteran to know they may be missing out on primary, secondary, and presumptive claims. Knowing this can help Veterans start cutting the red tape.

So, ask yourself these questions…

Do you want the care you were promised?

Do you want to learn how to really cut the red tape?

Do you want to get answers with no catch or commitment?

Our process is easy. Start with our basic medical self-assessment. Provide our team with documents that give valuable insight into the VA’s decision. A medical examiner will review your assessment. A Strategic Veteran member will reach out to you to recommend the right resources for you to consider when you file your claim.

All this is free to you. There is no commitment required other than your time and effort.

With that said, let’s get started on your medical self-assessment.


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