VA Math Explained

Have you ever wondered when it comes to your VA rating, how the VA comes up with your combined rating number? When it comes to VA math, 2+2 does not always equal to 4.

So, if 2+2 doesn’t equal 4, what system do they use to give you the combined rating they gave you?

A question we get all the time is, ‘How on earth does the VA get the combined rating that they do when all the ratings I have, add up to so much more?’

VA compensation is calculated by percentages. What this means is that claims that you submit go against a hundred-point system.

For Example

If you apply for a mental health claim and the VA awards you a 50 percent rating for PTSD. You would then take 50 and subtract that from 100. That leaves you with 50 more points left over.

Another way to look at it is that the VA has awarded you 50 percent for PTSD, which leaves you with only 50 percentage points left to get.

Now let’s say your next claim is for sleep apnea, and for this, the VA awards you another 50 percent rating. That 50 percent will be taken out of the left-over 50 percentage points from your original PTSD rating.

So 50 percent of 50 is 25. Then, you’ll take your original claim of 50 and add your new claim of 25, to get your new rating of 75 points.

Quick Fact

The VA only pays Veterans disability compensation in multiples of 10s. So if you calculate your rating with VA Math, and it ends in a number under five (71-74), you would round-down (70). If you calculate your rating with VA Math, and it ends in a number five or over (75-79), you would round-up (80).

Are There Other Factors the VA Takes Into Account for Your Disability Rating?

Like all things related to the VA, there are little confusing factors sprinkled into VA Math that can affect everything. One of these factors is known as the Bilateral Factor.

Bilateral Factor

The Bilateral Factor is when you have two ratings affecting the two upper or lower quadrants of your body at the same time. The VA will give your rating a boost of about 10 percent.

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