Louisiana State Veteran Benefits


We endeavor to keep this information current, but it is subject to change without notice.


Louisiana Title 29 Dependents Educational Assistance

Louisiana offers education assistance via numerous programs. Title 29 provides assistance to dependents when the qualifying veteran has a service-connected disability rated at 90% or more. Children and surviving spouses of deceased veterans may also qualify if the veteran lived in Louisiana for at least one year right before entering military service. The veteran must have been a resident of Louisiana for at least two years prior to a child’s acceptance into the program. Certain other rules and guidelines apply.  For example, the surviving spouse must use benefits under Title 29 within 10 years. A qualifying veterans’ child is only eligible if he or she is between 16 and 25. 

National Guard Tuition

Eligible National Guard Members receive free tuition at Louisiana state-funded educational institutions of higher learning, including vocational/technical schools. Benefits continue for five years or a bachelor’s degree, whichever occurs first.


State Employment

When certain veterans apply for public jobs with the state or city civil service departments, they receive preference points based on their service and disability. Honorably discharged veterans receive 5 extra points on their examination scores. Disabled veterans with service-connected disabilities receive 10 extra points if they were honorably discharged. In certain cases, spouses and Gold Star parents may be eligible to receive a veterans’ preference. Spouses of eligible veterans who have been determined by the VA to be unable to work by virtue of their disabilities can receive their preference points. Surviving spouses also receive their qualifying veteran’s preference points if they choose not to remarry.

Military Skills Transferability to Civilian Employment

Louisiana will credit military individuals with appropriate training and experience with civilian certification or professional licensing as warranted, provided they can prove occupational specialty qualifications were obtained in the military. 


Income Tax

The Pelican State does not tax military retirement pay. They also allow active duty service members to exclude up to $30,000 active-duty pay if the military person is stationed out-of-state for 120 consecutive days or more.

Property Tax Exemptions

Louisiana offers property tax exemptions to veterans on a type of sliding scale. Veterans who have a service-connected disability rated at 50 percent or more will have their property tax rate frozen at the current rate, so the Veteran is not subject to tax increases.  This frozen rate extends to surviving spouses of qualifying, deceased Veterans. This benefit has other qualifications, including income limits that apply. Your parish’s local assessor’s office will be able to provide details. 

Disabled Veterans (and their surviving spouses) who are totally disabled or are considered to have 100% unemployability may qualify for a higher tax deduction. 

Car Insurance

Active-duty Louisiana residents may be eligible to receive a 25% discount on their vehicle insurance when bought in Louisiana.  Qualifications are simple: 

  • You be a resident and live in Louisiana OR
  • If stationed outside of Louisiana, your family must live in Louisiana and you must be single

Your dependents on your policy are eligible for the reduced rate as well. A Louisiana insurance agent or the Department of Insurance at 800-259-5300 has further information.


Hunting/Fishing Licenses

  • Service-connected Veterans with a VA rating of at least 50 percent may obtain hunting and fishing licenses free of charge, provided they are Louisiana residents
  • Active duty members stationed in the State, along with their dependents, can obtain hunting and fishing licenses as if they were residents, paying the same rates

Admission to State Parks

  • Louisiana allows disabled veterans, and their guests riding in the same vehicle with them, to not pay the day use fee or entrance fee of any park in the Louisiana state system
  • Active duty can receive a 50% discount off admittance to any state park in Kentucky. The discount applies to the active duty service member and one additional family member


Louisiana operates five Veterans homes that provide long and short-term care, rehabilitative therapy, skilled nursing and mental health services among others. In general, there are strict admissions criteria, including but not limited to:

  • The Veteran being a resident of Louisiana and served for at least 90 days on active duty
  • The Veteran having an ‘other-than-dishonorable’ military discharge
  • The Veteran must disability incurred in the line of duty that resulted in discharge
  • The Veteran must pass a medical exam and shown to not be infectious or have conditions for which the facility is ill-equipped to handle
  • The Veteran must not have criminal charges pending
  • The Veteran must be able to pay for full resident care and associated costs

Spouses of qualifying Veterans may apply as well as Gold Star parents if they meet eligibility rules. The skilled nursing facilities are in Bossier City, Jackson, Jennings, Monroe and Reserve.


The state of Louisiana operates four Veteran cemeteries in accordance with eligibility standards determined by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs National Cemetery Administration. Burial grants cover the cost of internment for the qualifying veteran.  A small fee will be charged for spouses and dependent children at the time of burial. The cemeteries can be found in Keithville, Leesville, Rayville, and Slidell. 



You can find more information regarding these benefits and other programs at the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs website.