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Common Disabled Veteran Benefits By State

All states provide benefits to Veterans beyond those from the Federal Government. Many benefits are for disabled Veterans with specific VA ratings, but not all require VA disabilities to qualify.

The legislature of each State decides what benefits to offer. They can change or end these benefits as they see fit.

Let’s look at some common benefits.

War Orphans Education Aid

Many states provide free scholarships to public colleges and universities. These scholarships tend to help dependent children of military members who lost their lives in service.

Some also offer scholarships to surviving spouses or children of 100% permanent and total Veterans.

Tax Reductions

Arizona is a reasonable example of the types of tax relief many states offer veterans.

Recreational Passes and Licenses

Most states provide hunting and fishing licenses to disabled resident veterans for free or reduced rates. Some, like Maine, extend their recreational benefits to Veterans in surrounding states too.

Veterans Homes

States tend to run one or more Veterans Homes to provide nursing care for elderly or infirm Veterans. Some homes can accept Veteran spouses, surviving spouses and Gold Star Parents too.

Both services and residency requirements vary wildly. Some are available only to that State’s residents. Others, like Michigan, do not require residency at all. Some Veterans Homes may require wartime service, or at least give preference to those with it.

Most homes limit who they can accept, based on their ability to provide care. For example, some cannot take those with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. Yet others specifically staff for these. Some have both assisted living and nursing home facilities, but not all.

Fees for care also vary.


States provide a wide range of Veteran benefits such as:

Strategic Veteran

Strategic Veteran helps you identify and maximize the benefits for which you qualify. That includes state benefits for Veterans, not only VA benefits.

Our mission is to help Veterans. We do this by educating and empowering Veterans about their VA benefits.

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